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Xbox Live Gift Card

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    Xbox Live Gift Cards are the ultimate gift choice for all passionate gamers. These cards can be redeemed at Microsoft’s online store, on Windows, as well as Xbox. Gamers are very strict when it comes to their gaming choices, so opting for a gift card instead of purchasing an actual game might be a mistake - you never know whether they will like your choice.

    These gift cards never expire and they can be used to purchase movies, TV shows, video games, applications, devices, and a lot of other cool things. The only downside, though, is that you can’t redeem these cards in physical stores. Most online stores, on the other hand, will accept Xbox Live gift cards.

    They are very easy and convenient to use. After purchasing a gift card, customers can choose the email address where the gift card will be delivered. Once the recipient receives the gift card, they will see a unique code. This code is used to redeem the Xbox Live gift card amount on any item or items of choice.

    Since Black Friday is approaching, this can also be the perfect way to show someone that you care. And what’s better than providing your loved ones with a way to purchase their favorite Xbox Live products? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the perfect time to surprise your family and get some jaw-dropping deals.


Xbox app for PC now lets you find games based on accessibility features and estimated playtimes

Microsoft fine-tuned its discovery features in the Xbox app for PC this week. In addition, the desktop app’s April update adds the ability to sort by accessibility features and view collections based on how long it takes to finish them.Microsoft first let developers add accessibility feature tags to their games in late 2021. Now, you can filter the All PC Games list in the Windows app to show results with specific accessibility features like a steady camera, narrated game menus or custom volume controls (among others). The update brings the desktop app up to speed with Xbox consoles, which already included accessibility filtering.A byproduct of Microsoft’s HowLongToBeat integration last year, new collections make it easier to find games based on their approximate completion times. The new “Quick Games to Play” and “Longest Games” collections are on the PC app’s Home Screen. For example, HowLongToBeat’s estimates for Mass Effect 3 include 24 1 / 2 hours for the main story, an extra 11 hours to complete side quests and 50 total hours for completionists to wrap it all up. So if you’re hoping to avoid games requiring too much or too little investment, browsing these groups could be a handy way to find a starting point for your next adventure.This article originally appeared on Engadget at

Microsoft permanently drops the price of Xbox Series X/S storage

Earlier this week, a handful of retailers discounted Seagate’s Xbox Series X/S Expansion Cards to new all-time low prices. Now, Microsoft is making those price cuts permanent (via Polygon ). As of Friday, pricing for the Expansion Cards starts at $90 for the 512GB model, while the 1TB and 2TB variants will set you back $150 and $280, respectively. That’s 32 percent and 30 percent off the $220 and $280 the 1TB and 2TB models started at previously.Think of all the new games you’ll be able to download and play now The @Seagate Storage Expansion Card is now available starting at a lower price: — Xbox (@Xbox) May 5, 2023 While you could (accurately) argue Microsoft’s proprietary storage solution for the Xbox Series X and Series S is still too expensive, a permanent price cut is a step in the right direction for the company’s ninth-generation consoles. It means those Expansion Cards will cost less with subsequent sales, making them more competitive with the regular NVMe drives you can buy for Sony’s PlayStation 5 . Moreover, further price relief could be on the way. In April, Best Buy briefly listed a 1TB expansion card from Western Digital. At the time, the listing suggested the NVMe would cost $180 (now more expensive than Seagate’s 1TB model), but more competition could push prices lower.This article originally appeared on Engadget at